Giải pháp quét Topcon tăng tốc trong công tác khảo sát đường ống

Theo Topcon - 2903/2023

Giải pháp quét Topcon tăng tốc trong công tác khảo sát đường ống

– Tell us about your company.

Mr. Hiep: Portcoast Consultant Corporation was established in 2004. Portcoast focuses on port and coastal infrastructure (including transportation planning); dikes; and survey work, including topographic, geological and hydrographic surveys (especially in situations that need flow models, hydrodynamic models and the like). Recently, Portcoast has been strongly focused on digital transformation, BIM, digital twins and smart cities.

– Why did you choose the GLS laser scanning?

Mr. Hiep: As the manager, my goal is to grow our business by applying the best solutions and products from established brands worldwide, rather than limiting ourselves to a single brand.

Mr. Phuoc: We tested the GLS-2200L before buying it, and it seems durable. It operates for a long time between charging, has a range of 500m and is easy to use.

– How do you use the GLS: GLS-2200L + MAGNET Collage + Verity and Rithm?

Mr. Hiep: MAGNET Collage is easy to use, time to import and export data is very fast. Verity and Rithm helped us to quickly compare the 3D model with the point cloud model.

Mr. Truong: We used these products for the Hyosung Vina Chemicals Port. We used the software to compare the 3D pipe model with the point cloud. We like the GLS-2200 last-pulse laser function, which provides more accurate data.

– How did the GLS-2200L improve your productivity?

Mr. Truong: Topcon’s hardware and software solutions helped us quickly collect data, register point cloud data in the office and compare the 3D model to the point cloud.

– Cost-effectiveness

Mr. Hiep: The Topcon products are cost-effective and meet our needs.

– How does the GLS-2200L compare with similar devices?

Mr. Hiep: In my opinion, it is one of the most durable devices. It can operate for a long time and works well even in complicated environments.

Mr. Phuoc: The GLS-2200L has a close high-power mode that can scan smooth, dark surfaces such as stainless steel pipes and asphalt surfaces. Data from some other brands have signal noise. The Topcon data is one pulse, using the time-of-flight method, so the data is accurate. We have confidence in data from the Topcon products.

The GLS-2200L has a good scanning range, making it easier to set up in the field with fewer control points. The resection and backsight setup methods save us time in the field.

Scanned data size from GLS-2200L is not overwhelming and still has enough density for the work so we can perform processing and calculations ( such as volume calculations) faster.

Giải pháp quét Topcon tăng tốc trong công tác khảo sát đường ống
Giải pháp quét Topcon tăng tốc trong công tác khảo sát đường ống



  1. 3D Laser Scanner GLS-2200
  2. 3D Mass Data Software Solution MAGNET Collage
  3. Construction Verification Software Verity
  4. Floor Flatness and Levelness Analysis Sofrware Rithm

Subsidiary/Dealer:Victory Instrument JSC


Project:Hyosung Vina Chemicals Port

Nguồn: Topcon

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