Construction commencement of Quan Chanh Bo channel in third quarter of 2008

By VietNamNet - 09/04/2008

“Site clearance must be completed so as to start the construction of Quan Chanh Bo channel in the third quarter of 2008” said The Minister of MOT Ho Nghia Dung at the meeting with the People’s.

At the meeting with the Authorities of Tra Vinh province and the project’s investors, the Minister of MOT has steered that the site clearance must be completed to start the construction in the third quarter of 2008 for Navigation channel for vessels navigating to Bassac River (hereinafter called Quan Chanh Bo channel).

Construction commencement of Quan Chanh Bo channel in third quarter of 2008

The navigation channel to Bassac River project has length of 401meters, invested by Vietnam Maritime Administration (VINAMARINE) and approved by the Prime Minister on 22 January 2007. The project is to build a 8 meter in depth navigation channel which can accommodate 10 – 20 tons vessels to handle 21 – 22 million tons/year of import/export cargoes and 45-500 thousand TEU/year container for Mekong Delta in period of 2010-2020.

The project is located at Long Vinh Commune, Long Khanh, Dan Thanh, Duyen Hai in Tra Vinh province. Project scale includes Bassac River expansion (6 km in length and 95 m in breadth), Quan Chanh Bo channel (19 km in length and 85 m in breadth), bypass channel (9 km in length and 85 m in breadth), channel of 6km in length and 150m in breadth, breakwater, shore protection, bridge and residential road, basin, navigation aids, electric maritime system etc. Total estimated investment is about 198 million USD.

The project area is 350 ha, of which there is 300 ha will be compensated for 340 households living in project area. In addition to the compensation in terms of land, houses, land, the households also receive the assistance in job-training, daily activities, etc with the total compensation cost of 110.686 billion VND.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, Deputy Chairman of Tra Vinh province People Committee, stated: The Steering Committee in charge of projects in Tra Vinh province has been set up; local people has been informed about the objective of projects and compensation cost; of about 16 ha of resettlement area. From 15 April the compensation will be carried our and will be completed in October so as to hand over the site to the Investor. The project construction is estimated to be started in November 2008.

Quan Chanh Bo channel will create favorite conditions for good transportation in Mekong Delta instead of transit in ports in HCMC which increase product cost and reduce exportability.

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