Design & Supervision Consultant


For over 30 years, PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION (PORTCOAST) has surveyed and designed numerous projects in various fields of ports, maritime structures, access channels, bank protection, container yards, soil improvement, etc., which stretch nationwide of Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, UAE and Pakistan...

The projects surveyed and designed by PORTCOAST are owned by local and foreign investors or joint venture companies/ associations in various fields such as cement industry, thermo-electrical industry, gas petroleum industry, general terminals, container terminals, etc.

National major projects have been completed by PORTCOAST:

  • Detailed plan of HCM City - Dong Nai - Ba Ria Vung Tau port system (Group No.5)
  • Master plan of relocation for Sai Gon ports and Ba Son Shipyard
  • Product Export Jetties - Dzung Quat Refinery
  • Breakwater - Dzung Quat Refinery
  • Master plan for large ports in Mekong Delta
  • Improvement project of a navigational channel to the Bassac river
  • Cho Gao Canal Upgrading project
  • Coal transshipment terminal in Melkong Delta
  • Overall and comprehensive study of Cai Mep Thi Vai navigational channel
  • Lach Huyen Port Infrastructure Construction Project
Port Planning

Master Plan & Detailed Plan

  • Collect and Analyze information and data (trade forecasts, industry trends, emerging markets, etc.)
  • Port use definition
  • Project financing options
  • Environmental studies etc.)
  • Facilities planning

Pre F/S, FS, Detailed Design

For Pre-F/S:
  • Review of the economic parameters, nature and geographical locations, connectivity, and potential for the development of project
For FS:
  • Determination of Port demand and capacity
  • Propose port’s location and site
  • Port organization and manpower planning
  • Implementation scheduling
  • Project evaluation
  • Basic design
  • Layout, civil works, and equipment
For Detailed Design:
  • Hydrodynamic modeling supporting design works
  • Determine dimensions and structure of works
  • Specify construction materials and other facilities
  • Determine construction cost
  • Determine major construction method
Pre F/S, FS, Detailed Design
Construction Works Inspection

Construction Works Inspection

  • Inspection of construction works periodically for maintenance purposes
  • Inspection of construction works for technical assessment before receiving vessel larger than the permitted one
  • Fast time modeling supporting assessment works
  • Inspection construction works for technical assessment after incident


  • Assessment impacts of location of port
  • Assessment impacts of construction and dredging
  • Assessment impacts of port operation (ship traffic and discharge, cargo operations)
  • Hydrodynamic modeling supporting assessment works
Supervision & Project Management

Supervision & Project Management

  • Review and approve construction design documents
  • Review and approve method statement for construction works
  • Cost and time management and scheduling
  • Tender and contract management
  • Construction management
  • Project monitoring
  • Procurement and contract administration
  • Quality assurance and control