PORTCOAST Sustainability


Code of Conduct

Portcoast Consultant Corporation (Portcoast) was established as a joint stock company from a state-owned one under the Ministry of Transport (MOT) in 2004. Since 2006, Portcoast has become a private enterprise without the state-owned capital. Portcoast is the leading firm in the field of port and coastal engineering consultancy and digital transformation in fields of Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) in Southeast Asia.

Since the establishment, Portcoast is one of the consulting firms in Vietnam who has never been involved in allegations such as: poor quality works lead to incidents, corruption, bribery, environmental pollution, etc.

Portcoast is very keen on the welfare policy for the employees, the working environment, the relationships among Portcoast members and with the Social Communities and proud of our Sustainable Business Model in Vietnam. Portcoast and the employees recognize their social responsibility and are closely guided by the values of integrity, honesty, trust, responsibility and fairness. On the social media such as newspapers, television and the social channels of the Universities, those values of Portcoast have been well reflected.

Portcoast has achieved the sustainability and many other achievements in business thank to our Culture which is based on business ethics and the best traditions of Vietnamese people. All Portcoast members including the top managers and employees uphold and maintain the Company’s Culture.

Portcoast is committed to maintaining an environment where employees feel comfortable asking questions, having comments or reporting current issues. We endeavor to respect and be flexible to cultural differences, particularly the local customs and culture of every country where we do business.

The Code of Conduct has been updated in 2022 and informed to all Portcoast members for practising and promoting the daily activities in the right and proper way. The Code of Conduct is a binding guideline, which intends to emphasize the importance of a fair, responsible, and ethical mode of operation in the interest of Portcoast, our employees and business partners.

Code of Conduct