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Model of a process-based quality management system

Procedure is the document that describes the specified way to carry out a process. There are 16 procedures within a system of documentation of our organization. It is controlled by Clause 4.3 Internal documentation control procedure (QT4.2-01).

1 Internal documentation control procedure QT4.2-01
2 Official dispatch control procedure QT4.2-02
3 Record control procedure QT4.2-03
4 Recruitment control procedure QT6.2-01
5 Training control procedure QT6.2-02
6 Design and project establishment control procedure QT7.1-01
7 Topography, Meteorology and Hydrographic survey control procedure QT7.1-02
8 Geotechnical survey control procedure 9QT7.1-03
9 Supervision consultancy control procedure QT7.1-04
10 Assessment control procedure QT7.1-05
11 Verification control procedure QT7.1-06
12 Purchasing control procedure QT7.4-01
13 Payment procedure 9QT7.4-02
14 Cost assessment regulations QT7.4-03
15 Monitoring and measuring device control procedure QT7.6-01
16 Internal audit procedure QT8.2-01
17 Nonconforming product control procedure QT8.3-01
18 Corrective action control procedure QT8.5-01
19 Preventive action control procedure QT8.5-02

Work Instruction is the document that describes in detail the specified actions carried out at a specific stage of a procedure. There are 04 work instructions in the system of documentation established, namely:

1 Survey record establishment instruction HD01/QT7.1-01
2 Technical record storage instruction HD02/QT7.1-01
3 Bidding record preparation instruction HD03/QT7.1-01
4 Inviting construction bidding record preparation instruction HD04/QT7.1-01