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Laser Scanning application in construction management

Laser Scanning is a technology that uses lasers to collect and digitize projection components such as building conditions and object convert to point cloud data. Collected data is highly precise and fast.
With the BIM model and data Point Cloud, investors, contractors and stakeholders can easily gather all project information, surveying, quality control, update construction progress and supervision.
Our company owns the most advanced equipment: Stormbee S20 (UAV), Leica ScanStation P50 (long range), Leica RTC360 3D Laser Scaner, FARO Laser Scanner S350-A,...

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Portcoast welcomes guests from Ministry of Transport

Portcoast - 22/02/2020

Portcoast welcomes guests from Ministry of Transport to visit our project and liaison office in Southern of Vietnam. New technologies were introduced to our guests, including laser scanning applications.

Assist clients to inspect the Hyosung Vina Chemical Port

Hyosung Vina Chemicals Port - 02/22/2020

Portcoast team assists Hyosung Vina Chemicals Port in verifying port construction works with the Ministry of Transport inspection team.

Birthday party for members born in February

Portcoast - 22/02/2020

Happy birthday to our dear family members who have birthday in February. May beauty and happiness surround you, not only on your special day, but always

Application of 3D laser scanning in scan-to-BIM project at Hyosung Vina Chemicals Port

Portcoast - 21/02/2020

Portcoast engineer proceeding to collect point cloud data to build model and analyze surrounding surface of the tank before the project go in to operation.