Topographical & Hydrological Survey


Scope Of Services:

All kinds of topographic survey for construction project;
Structural Deformation Monitoring;
Hydrographic Survey;
Marine construction positioning:
  • We were and are doing many projects using RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technology for onshore and offshore area. This is a modern technology, combined dual frequency Topcon GPS receivers (Japan) with echo sounder Odom (USA) and professional software HypackMax (Coastal Oceanographics, Inc. - USA) (for offshore surveying).
  • Motion sensor and Sound velocimeter are also used in the bathymetric survey to improve the accuracy.
  • Besides, we have applied remote sensing (using satellite images) in the topographic survey to hasten the progress and save cost.


Portcoast have many kinds of modern and high technique equipment (cetificated testing periodly and satisfy all survey requirements of various projects).

Geological Survey Drilling


Have 8 dual frequency Topcon GPS receivers (Japan) GB-1000, GB-500, LegacyH & HiperGD, Hiper Ga/Gb, Hiper+ and 2 single frequency GPS receiver Promark2.


Echo sounder:

Includes a dual frequency echo sounder Odom Echotrac MKIII and a single frequency echo sounder Odom Hydrotrac.

Echo sounder

Multibeam echo sounder:

Is the machine designed to increase bathymetric productivity and can survey small detail (≥ 2cm) rely on 480 transmit beams. Multibeam (and RTK system) is used to check the bathymetric result.

Multibeam echo sounder

Montion sensor DMS-05:

Is important equipment to exactly correct echo sounder's data. In the sea/river survey, the result is affacted much on the stableness of survey means (boat, ship). When the survey boat is oscillated by wave, wind, currnet, the result has a big error.

Montion sensor DMS-05

Sound Velocimeter DigibarPro:

Is also an important equipment to correct echo sounder's data too. The velocity measurement is made from water surface to the bottom and reverse. The mean velocity value is used as sound velocity to process bathymetric data.

Sound Velocimeter DigibarPro

Side scan sonar:

Side scan sonar offers a high-resolution tool that provides a general depictive map on both sides of a survey vessel's path.

Side scan sonar

Sub-bottom EdgeTech 3200-XS (Mỹ):

The EdgeTech Topside Processor with it's DISCOVER software servers as the control ad data acquistion sub-system for dislay, storage and printing of sonar data from EdgeTech's family of Sub-Bottom Profilers and Side Scan Sonars.

Sub-bottom EdgeTech 3200-XS (Mỹ)

Magnetometer SeaSPY:

A magnetic gradiometer measures magnetic gradient in one dimension by subtracking the difference between two independent magnetic sensors. Marine Magnetics offers each of these gradiometer configurations. In addition, all SeaSPY magnetometers are compatible, enabling existing SeaSPY customers to upgrade thir magnetometer to the gradiometer configuration of their choice, as they need to.

Magnetometer SeaSPY

Total station:

Has 4 sets of Topcon (Japan) with high precision.

Total station


Includes a Topcon AT-G3, a AT-g2 and two Leica NA2 with 2 sets of micrometer & Inva rods


Handheld GPS:

Has a Garmin Map 2010, a Garmin 76CS, two Garmin 60CSx and a Garmin 12XL.

Handheld GPS

And orther instruments, tools as well as professional softwares such as: HypackMax, Topsurvey, Pinnacle, Toptools, Cidala, CivilCad,...


RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technique is used to eatablish the bathymetric map. This is a modern survey method that has a high accuracy, user 2 dual frequency GPS receivers Topcon with the dual frequency echo sounder Odom and Montion sensor.

Motion sensor can record motions of survey boat (such as shake, rotate and swing) thataffected by wave,wind,... With motion sensor, bathymetric result is much better.

RTK Method Multibeam echo sounder


Hydrographic Survey Equipment Hydrographic Survey Equipment

AWAC (Acoustic wave and current metter) - As:

AWAC (Acoustic wave and current metter)

Wave & Current Metter - Sontek Argonaut:

Wave & Current Metter - Sontek Argonaut

Wave Gauge - Sontek Triton:

Wave Gauge - Sontek Triton

AWS2 - Meteorological:

AWS2 - Meteorological

NRG - Meteorological:

NRG - Meteorological

Level Meter - Level 2000:

Level Meter - Level 2000

Continuos Level Measurement - Sitrans Probe Lu Hart:

Continuos Level Measurement - Sitrans Probe Lu Hart

Water Quality Observator - OBS-3A:

Water Quality Observator - OBS-3A

Water Quality Observator - OBS-5:

Water Quality Observator - OBS-5