The story of person opening new navigation channels

By SGGP - 13/02/2008

In the year 2008 Viet Nam government executes some of projects such as: Soai Rap navigation channel in Hiep Phuoc – next phrase (HCHC), navigation channel on Quan Chanh Bo canal (Mekong Delta), Van Phong International Transshipment Terminal (Khanh Hoa) and so on. Vietnam Government also adjusts Master Plan for sea port system. Those activities facilitate to develop sea economic – an extremely huge economic potentiality in Viet Nam. Writer has had a very interesting interview with Mr. Tran Tan Phuc – General Director of Portcoast Consultant Corporation who is responsible for research and amendment of Master Plan of Vietnam seaport system assigned by Ministry of Transport and above key projects execution.

Câu chuyện của những người đi mở luồng tàu biển
State President Nguyen Minh Triet (when he was the party secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee) participated in surveying the Soai Rap river channel

Do something for our country

Mr. Phuc said “I have been to many countries, many huge terminals around the world such as in Hong Kong and Singapore. Their port system is centralized, modernized and well arranged so they can call for hundred of vessels in or out or transit. Every year, maritime services themselves can earn hundred billions US dollar which make great contribution to development of country. I wonder the reason why Vietnam can not compare with our neighbors although we possess hundred km in length coastal in which some places are suitable for port development.

We have grown up in peace and have had lots of opportunities to study, to improve knowledge. So, apart from doing business, we committee ourselves to another mission. That is what we can do more to develop our country. Portcoast’s staff deeply understand about this and our Chief Engineer – an oversea educated doctor too. He has refused so many attractive offers from world wide companies and decided to stay in Viet Nam and to devote his knowledge to the country.

He and our young scientists have researched successfully some projects. There are Soai Rap navigation channel which makes contribution to develop deep seaport system in HCMC and keeps HCMC still be port city;Van Phong International Transshipment Terminal which is considered as preparation for Vietnam to be word ranked port; and navigation channel on Bassac River which helps this area do import – export directly will be executed next. As planned, Portcoast will expand services to the North and cooperate with some enterprises to research and open more navigation channels, seaports served for development of Vietnam economy.

Also from Mr. Phuc, Portcost executed the sea port Master Plan for the purpose that we can support MOT for development strategy which reallocates location of port efficiently and logically. Moreover, in the next following years Viet nam must develop a modernized sea port system to create competitive strength to neighbors.

The pioneer

Mr. Phuc recalled “I have worked for Portcoast for 10 years. At that time, current Portcoast Corporation was only a department of Tedi South and Portcoast Consultant later. Its turnover was only 12 billion dong in spite that Tedi South was one of leading consultant of MOT”.

Making investment in Human Resources

Mr. Phuc added “ Portcoast’s turnover in 2008 from value of signed contract in 2008 is approximately the turnover in 2007 despite of other contract being negotiated. It means that PCC is having aggressive improvement. Legal capital is 9 times much more than the second ranking company is. How can Portcoast perform such succeed? It is time to talk about personal mobilization. According to Mr. Phuc, every year Portcoast sends 2 officers to study abroad without any commitment that they have to work for company when they finish their study. They still receive same monthly salary and bonus as usual and company takes care of their tuition fee. There are 5 doctors, 21 MBAs, 8 engineers, 25 BAs in total of 192 staffs and officers. Such qualified personal resource is desire of other company. He proud that quality of staff keeps unchanged. Pay roll is based on productivity. The more you receive the more responsibility you should take. For example, last lunar New Year, while the rest of staff enjoyed Tet holiday, some of key persons had to work. Fairness and clearance between rights and tasks are two key factors to keep and attract qualified staff”.

Health and social insurance is strictly complied by current regulations. Annual health check is provided to all staffs by company fund.

In January 2005, Government advocated to equalize state enterprises. Portcoast Enterprise was volunteer for this policy. People worried about Portcoast decision. However, Mr. Nguyen Van Loc- Tedi South’s director at that time- supported and decided to equities Portcoast Enterprise. Legal capital was 4.51 billion dongs only in which State owned 51% and staff owned 49%. Total public placing was only 14%. There were lots difficulties in the past but everything is changed now. In June 2007, PCC bought the entire of State capital and raised legal capital up to 10 times to reach 51 billion dongs. Total asset value is about 150 billions dong. In 2007, Portcoast paid 22.8 billion dongs for tax and social insurance. Dividend was 130% per share in which shareholders received 100% by stock and 30% by cash.

Master of high technology

Dung Quat Refinery Factory project located in Quang Ngai province has attracted many big local & international consultants & contractors. Being the local leading consultant, as a matter of fact, Portcoast has participated in Dung Quat project. In addition to the provision of design consultancy for import-export berth, Portcoast has been selected, out of many big local & international consultants, to design Dung Quat breakwater. The breakwater is 28 high, 1.560m long and its bottom is 110m wide. This breakwater is constructed to protect the import-export berth area and to keep the port water area tranquil for the safe accommodation of vessels of up to 50,000DWT. The construction of the breakwater is really a wonder for according to the Contractor Van Oord (Holland), the company is of rich experiences in construction of many world-wide breakwaters, Dung Quat breakwater is one of the 10 grandiose ones all over the world and constructed on a very complex geotechnical foundation. Under the breakwater is a mud bag that Vietnamese and French engineers had to studied for 8 options and finally the option of mud dredging & sand pumping is selected. Portcoast’s customers have never given any complaint/claims about the services quality provided by Portcoast. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hue, Vice Head of VINAMARINE has commented: Portcoast has good staff and master the most advanced technology. Mr. Phuc said: “These advanced technology were purchased with license”.

“Invest in human resources”, “master most advanced technology” etc are base to be certain that Portcoast will strongly develop in the future.

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