The ultra large 18,000Teu container ship's dock at Cai Mep International Terminal:
Historical events of Vietnam's maritime industry

By, 20/02/2017

Siêu tàu container 18.000 TEU cập cảng Cái Mép
Mr. Nguyen Hong Linh, Secretary of Party Committee congratulated Captain Zobbe Ejner upon Margrethe Maersk containership docked at CMIT on February 20

At 13.30 pm on February 20, 2017, the ultra large containership Margrethe Maersk (ULC) with deadweight of 194,000 tons and handling capacity of 18,000 TEUs was docked at Cai Mep International Terminal (CMIT) turns CMIT to become 19th port in the world to receive 18,000 TEUs Triple-E ship generations. This event is a memorable milestone in the history of Vietnam maritime industry and affirms the position of Cai Mep Thi Vai seaport complex on the world maritime map in the international container transshipment services.


After 2 hours maneuvering from the buoy No. 0 (Vung Tau City) to Cai Mep - Thi Vai navigational channel, the ULC operated by Maersk Line (Denmark) sizing 399,2m long, 59m wide, deadweight of 194,000 tons and handling capacity of up to 18,000 TEUs was successfully docked at CMIT at 13hr30 on February 20. Central and provincial leaders namely Mr. Nguyen Hong Linh, the Party Central Committee’ Member cum Secretary of Provincial Party Committee cum Chairman of Provincial Council; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Yen, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Nguyen Van Trinh, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee cum Chairman of Provincial People Committee; Mr. Nguyen Van Cong, Deputy Minister of Transportation have participated and witnessed the event.

CMIT managing director Robert Hambleton said "The arrival of the ULC proved capability of CMIT and Cai Mep seaport complex as well. The event marked a significant milestone for CIMIT and Vietnam, demonstrated the terminal can serve as a regional transshipment hub for Southeast Asian cargoes, especially those that are destined for trade between Asia and Northern Europe”.

Siêu tàu container 18.000 TEU cập cảng Cái Mép
Captain Zobbe Ejner introduced Margrethe Maersk ship to leaders from province, MOT.

Meeting and congratulating Captain Zobbe Ejner, Mr. Nguyen Hong Linh, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee emphasized that the 18,000 TEUs ships docked CMIT is a historical fact. Thereby this event confirms Cai Mep Thi Vai seaport complex to be qualified to receive the world's largest ships and affirms its role of international transshipment hub for the region and the country. Thus, the success of this port call trial is a breakthrough and a lever for Cai Mep seaport complex to timely snap up the opportunity and quickly to become a regional transshipment hub. CMIT becomes one of the ports in Asia to accommodate 18,000 TEUs container ship.

Attending the event, Deputy Minister of Transportation Mr. Nguyen Van Cong said that the successful arrival of the ULC to Cai Mep area has realized the Government’s policy that makes Cai Mep seaport complex to become a regional international container transshipment hub. MOT will create all favorable conditions in term of policy mechanisms as well as the maritime infrastructure for carriers to bring ship in and for Cai Mep Thi Vai seaport complex to be an international transshipment hub. In the coming time, MOT will make a dredging proposal of Cai Mep navigational channel from - 14 m to -15,5m and submit for the Prime Minister’s approval for the purpose of accommodating large ships.

Siêu tàu container 18.000 TEU cập cảng Cái Mép
Siêu tàu container 18.000 TEU cập cảng Cái Mép
Ultra Large Containership Margrethe Maersk called at CMIT in February 20


Since September 2015, Cai Mep International Terminal Company Ltd., had sent a report seeking the Ministry of Transport’s approval to test the handling of 18,000 TEU Triple-E ships at CMIT.

Determining that port’s handling of such large vessels plays a significant role in Vietnam’s seaport development strategic, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Van Cong worked with relevant agencies including Vietnam Marine Administration, Maritime Administration of Vung Tau and Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation, navigator units and Portcoast to find out maritime safety plans for 18,000 TEU Triple-E ships.

Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Deputy director general of Portcoast who is the consultant to prepare Vietnam seaport planning and for CMIT project said that to be well prepared for such important event, since September 2016, Portcoast together with CMIT have been carefully assessed structural capability of the current jetty and carried out many vessel maneuvering cases by both SHIPMA and Real Time Simulation with participation of all involved parties. Given the nature and high concerns about safety, the studies were conducted carefully step by step under the close instruction of the MOT, Vietnam Maritime Administration, concerned agencies, pilot companies and Captains from Maersk Line. At this time, Portcoast has just completed an overall and comprehensive study to expand Cai Mep Thi Vai navigational channel to facilitate large vessels in and out the region.

“By the success of this port call trial, we look forward to build a foundation for the Vietnam – Europe direct route service. Maersk Line commits to bring larger container ships to Vietnam” said Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ha Giang, managing director of Maersk Line Vietnam.


More investments for port system

Cai Mep - Thi Vai seaport complex has received many ultralarge container ships, but Margrethe Maersk ship with capacity of 18,000 TEUs calling at CMIT is the largest ones coming to Viet Nam. This important event shows the growing strong development of CMIT in particular and Cai Mep - Thi Vai seaport complex in general. The province shall continue to focus all resources on investing and upgrading transportation infrastructure serving port operation, to promote the reform and simplify administrative procedures, customs procedures, does its utmost to build Cai Mep Thi Vai seaport complex up to be a reputable deep water seaport and an ideal destination for all carriers worldwide.

Another project supervised by Portcoast has been put into operation

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