Project of New Entrance Channel to the Bassac River

Location: Duyen Hai and Tra Cu Districts, Tra Vinh Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Total area: Actually 70-80% of volume of exports/imports of the Mekong Delta has to be transferred to Ho Chi Minh city, overloading the traffic infrastructure in Ho Chi Minh city. Meanwhile, the Existing navigational channel (Dinh An channel) can accommodate vessels with a tonnage of about 5,000 DWT only at spring tide. In addition, the dredging work has to be executed at great cost as a result of speedy sedimentation.
The alternative of New navigation channel had been studied for 20 years. However, the alternative of Bypass channel via Quan Chanh Bo Canal to the Bassac river recommended by SNC - Lavalin (Canada) & Portcoast was approved by the Vietnamese Prime Minister in 2007 for its technical and economical feasibilities.
The project is inclusive of main work items: one-way channel of 40 km long (Bypass channel of 9 km long) for 10,000 DWT fully-loaded and 20,000 DWT partially-loaded vessels, breakwater (length of 2.4km), 30-km-long bank protection dike, ferry, navigation AIDS, etc.

Our services include:

  • 2004: Soil Investigation; Topographic, Hydrographic & Hydrological Surveys (SNC-Lavalin is a Leader of JV)
    Client: Project Management Unit of Waterways - Vietnam MOT
  • 2005 - 2015: Topographic & Hydographic Surveys; Geotechnical Investigation; Geophysical & Hydrological Surveys; Feasibility Study & Basic Design; Mathematical Modeling; Detail Design; Construction Supervision
    Client: Maritime Project Management Unit 3 - Vinamarine - Vietnam MOT