Uping Portcoast brand to the peak

By GTVT - 02/2010

Following its nearly-10-year presence and 05-year equitization, the brand as Portcoast Consultant Corporation (Portcoast) specializing in port and waterway survey, consultancy and design, investment project planning and management, supervision and assessment of sea port work quality, etc.

Uping Portcoast brand to the peak

The gigantic human resource positioning Portcoast is a line-up of self-motivation, zealousness, experience, responsibility and passion at work.

Internal force as a sound base

As frankly spoken up by Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, the project manager of Portcoast, thanks to mustering a line-up of qualified professionals and engineers and visibility of the leaders, Portcoast has nowadays reaped its sweet fruits. Portcoast is deeply strong at implementing all-in contract packages including survey, feasibility study, design, construction of sea port works with speedy progress and good quality. Most of all, Portcoast is considered to be a highly competent consultant who fulfills sea port projects in relation with partners and clients.

Additionally, Portcoast is fundamentally firmed by the skilled and talented engineers who have been levering Portcoast up to the peak as a prestigious brand in sea port survey, consultancy and design field. As thus, Portcoast is unceasingly thinking of professionalizing all the staff and engineers, fostering and favoring highly competent and excellent staff and engineers.

According to Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Portcoast tops the creativeness and encourages all the staff and engineers to show up their individual ideas. For this reason, Portcoast has constantly been bringing into play its advantage of human resources, mustering up the talents, knowledge and intelligence of a united home. Portcoast feels proud and firmly confident of itself as the colleagues are in relentless attempt of bettering themselves and devoting their whole lives for Portcoast.

Portcoast is a sturdy body richly experienced in management, organization, operation and implementation of many large-scaled sea port projects. Hence, Portcoast attaches special importance to updating and innovating advanced professional equipment and technology in purpose of ensuring the requirements on the standard as well as quality of local and international construction works.

Uping Portcoast brand to the peak

Proud of sea port works

Thanks to its non-stop efforts, Portcoast has presently gathered a line-up of qualified human resources, with 06 scientific doctors, 25 masters of engineering and more than 200 skilled engineers and technicians specializing in different fields such as port, waterway, bridge, road, economy and survey. All the staff and engineers are absolutely conscious of their work in Portcoast home. Each sea port work and project undertaken by Portcoast sharply mirror the talent, intelligence, learning and experience of the staff and engineers, and harmonious connection of technique and quality. Enviously, Portcoast has made an impressive breakthrough as implementing the study and construction of sequential – systematic and highly identifiable works reflecting its self as well as particular trait and economically benefiting the corporation. As said by Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Portcoast undertakes not only the survey and consultancy but design also. Portcoast is an all-in consultant for all the services inclusive of the investment promotion assigned by the project owners and partners, resulting in further effectiveness in its vigorous pace. During the implementation of sea port projects in accordance with the scale and requirement given by the project owners, Portcoast has also cooperated and associated with many foreign consultants named Nippon Koei, Japan Port Consultants, OCDI (Japan), Apave Consultants, Sol Expert (France), Royal Haskoning (Holland), Surbana (Singapore), SNC Lavalin Abam (America), Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI), CECI (Taipei), Posco E & C (South Korea), etc or the Joint-Venture between EPC and construction contractors named Toa Corp, Penta Ocean (Japan), etc.

The brand as Portcoast is manifestly reflected by many large-scaled sea port projects consulted by Portcoast such as Vietnam’s up-to 2020 and 2030-bound sea port system development Planning; SP-PSA international terminal; SITV international container terminal; CMIT international container terminal; SP-SSA international container terminal; SPCT Sai Gon Premier container terminal; Posco port; Sai Gon – Hiep Phuoc port; Cai Mep – Thi Vai international terminal (sourced from Japan’s ODA ), Phu My steel port, Cai Mep Ha general and container terminal; My Xuan international terminal; and Gemalink container terminal, breakwater, product exporting port of Dung Quat refinery Plant No. 1, Formosa Son Duong Integrated Steel Mill, Cai Lan container terminal, Van Phong international transit port, Phuoc An general terminal, etc. These sea port works are a valuably resplendent symbol and a sharply remarkable design of a brand as Portcoast, affirming the creativeness and competence of a body meaningfully benefiting the national society and economy.

Uping Portcoast brand to the peak

Relentlessly perfecting itself

In addition to the typical projects consulted by Portcoast, there are long-term strategic objectives such as the concentration on scientific research via the summation of practical sea port works consulted by Portcoast so as to analyze and assess the application of advanced science and technology to Vietnam’s existing conditions; the approaching of large-scaled sea port projects and potential clients; and the scientific, self-motivated and professional modeling of production organization and management. As based upon such drawn path, Portcoast can effectively exhibit an opportune development and control of arising issues, maximally limiting the risks, readily putting forwards sound solutions, flexibly coping with the market fluctuation, having an important part to bringing its services and products of creativeness and difference and optimally satisfying the need of clients.

Soon, Portcoast will become one of the top prestigious brands, exerting a great influence on sea port consultants in not only Vietnam but the world also. The sea port works and passion of all the leaders and engineers of Portcoast will be further up in the air.

Việt Anh
(Translated by Portcoast)

Source: GTVT

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