The trustworthy partner of international sea port consultancy

By Shipping Times, No 3 - 11/2009

Portcoast Consultant Corporation is, at present, a calling “house” whose door is “knocked” on a regular basis for foreign sea port design projects.


Portcoast Consultant Corporation, formerly named Portcoast Enterprise and Port and Waterway Department belonging to Transport and Engineering Design Inc is founded on the basis of inheritance from the hard-working spirit as well as the consultancy qualification and experiences of Corporation Enterprise (2001 – 2004) and Waterway Department (1997 – 2000). Portcoast is now sharply struggling to well accomplish focal projects assingned by the State as well as to perfectly fulfill assignments so as to be oriented to develop and keep pace with the international Consultants.

Portcoast presently has more than 226 employees consisting of 05 doctors of engineering, 22 masters of engineering and M.BA, and more than 199 skilled engineers and technicians specializing in different fields such as port, waterway, bridge, road, survey engineering, economy, finance…etc, of whom some have been trained and graduated abroad. As thus, the consultancy quality is being dramatically improved, satisfying the requirements of not only local investors but also international investors. Also, Portcoast’s quality management system has been certificated as well according to the ISO Standard 9001:2000 by AFAQ-AFNOR INTERNATIONAL (France) and IQNET Organizations.

At present, Prortcoast has 08 specialized departments, namely Administrative Deparment, Financial – Accounting Department, Planning and External Relations Department, Quality Control Department, Project Planning and Management Department, Structural Engineering Department, Riverine and Coastal Engineering Department, Foundation Structure Department; and Northern Branch Members, namely Anh Vu Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Co., Ltd; Dia Hai Co., Ltd; Global Media Consultant Co., Ltd and PCI Consultant Xcom Co., Ltd and Cong Chinh A.C Co., Ltd.


“From the years 1978 – 1979 of the 1970s, after the unified North and South, I and some engineers were appointed to the South to survey, study, improve and develop some sea port projects and concurrently lay the foundation for the development of a consultant unit specializing ports – waterways in the South” recalled Mr Nguyen Van Loc, the Deputy Chairman of Portcoast. Some initial projects undertaken by Portcoast were Vietsov Petro port, PTSC (Petroleum Technical Services Corporation) port, etc. Approximately 10 years later - the period of the national economic downturn and the limit in innovation and integration, the survey and consultancy works were executed in only few projects assigned by the Ministry of Transport and the improvement work was performed in only unfinished projects to be in temporary service of the economic development. However, from the late 1980s, owing to the demands of economic development , laying down as a policy the industrialization – modernization and promotion of smoothness of cargos, many sea and river port projects were put forward.

“In such period also, the idea of development of a deep-water sea port system in Thi Vai river area was shaped and subsequently, in 1991 “Thi Vai – Vung Tau deep-water port system Planning” Project was submitted by the Ministry of Transport and approved by the Prime Minister in 1992 according to the Decision No 55/TTg” – said Mr Loc.

A few years later, many port and channel projects were obtained by Portcoast such as Phuoc Thai port (Vedan), Ben Nghe port, Hiep Phuoc Cement Distribution Station port, Phu My Port, Go Dau port, Petechim Petroleum port, Can Tho General Petroleum port, etc and especially some focal projects such as the 2020 up-to and 2030-bound detailed Planning of HCM – Dong Nai – Ba Ria Vung Tau port system (sea port group No 5); the Planning of port relocation on Sai Gon river and Bason Shipyard; the detailed Planning of sea port group No 5 and 8. Moreover, the sea port development study project in the South of Vietnam were performed by Portcoast in coordination with JICA (Japan) and essentially Cai Mep – Thi Vai International Terminal project was selected to be funded by Japanese ODA capital.

After Portcoast formally came into being, a mass of orders have “flooded” into the Company at a significant scale. The hallmark in the design and consultancy works performed by Portcoast in association with well-known consultants has been shaped and evidenced by a series of national focal projects and a series of modern container, general and specialized port projects. Some sea ports have been constructed and come into operation or in preparation of commencement such as the 2020 up-to and 2030-bound general Planning on sea port system development in Vietnam, SP-SSA international Terminal, SITV International Container Terminal, CMIT Cai Mep international Terminal, SP-SSA International Container terminal, Posco Terminal, Sai Gon – Hiep Phuoc Terminal, Cai Mep – Thi Vai International Terminal (funded by Japanese ODA capital), Phu My Steel port, Cai Mep Ha General and Container terminal, My Xuan International terminal, Breakwaters and Dung Quat Refinery terminal No 1, Dong Nai port, Cai Lan Container terminal, Van Phong Transit International terminal (stage of commencement), Phuoc An General terminal.

Despite of being “hooked” and even “breaking their backs” in the job, Portcoast still keeps tossing and turning about the issue on the national maritime development and sea port operation. The construction of sea port system in Cai Mep – Thi Vai area refers to the re-shaping of Cai Mep – Thi Vai terminal” brand and the consideration of its influences on “Sai Gon port” brand. Such a major issue was put forward at the time of the implementation of two initial projects in 1998. Practically, the owner of Sai Gon port has been in association with many the world’s major sea port enterprises such as PSA (Singapore); Maersk A/S (Denmark); SSA Marine (U.S) so as to construct many modern big sea ports in Cai Mep – Thi Vai area which can accommodate vessels of significant tonnage. Similarly, in Hiep Phuoc is constructing Sai Gon – Hiep Phuoc port which can accommodate vessels of up to 50.000 DWT. As thus, the aforesaid relocation will take no adverse impact on “Sai Gon port”. On the contrary, the former “Sai Gon” sea port system will run into favorable conditions to develop as relocated to a new land which is more “nutritious” for operation. “Sai Gon port” brand will still be a well-known sea port one in Vietnam!” according to Mr Pham Anh Tuan, the project manager of Portcoast.

Presently, container vessels of up-to 6000 TEU capacity have been accommodating cargos shipped from SP-PSA in Thi Vai to the U.S without any transit, which is considered to be a pride to sea port development planning consultants in this area.

“Sai Gon International Premier Container terminal (SPCT) in Hiep Phuoc has currently accommodated Asta Rickmers as a first vessel with the capacity of 30.000 tons belonging to Container transport shipping Agent CMA-CGM (France). Currently, Portcoast has exhibited his support for SPCT port development planning study. In coming years, Hiep Phuoc port will accommodate vessels along Soai Rap navigational channel – the shortest route in service of vessels of major capacity from the East Sea, which helps to cut commercial shipping costs equal to about US$400 million in 2010” supposed Ms Nguyen Ngoc Quynh, the Deputy General Director of SPCT. This is considered to be a turning-point for Portcoast in SPCT consultancy and design works.

In addition, the establishment of SPCT container Terminal takes a positive impact on port relocation and plays a considerable role in the economic development and counter-traffic jams in Ho Chi Minh city. “The smoothing of Soai Rap channel and the putting of SPCT deep-water container terminal into operation will surely foster the development of urban port area and southern zone and create favorable conditions for Long An, Tien Giang and Ho Chi Minh city to develop towards the East Sea” said the representative of IPC Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company, Hiep Phuoc port urban owner.

Trustworthy partner

At present, a mass of sea port projects consulted by Portcoast have, after being put into operation, exhibited their maximum effects, which leads to the fact that Portcoast is considered to be a “house” whose “door” is “knocked” on a regular basis by foreign partners flocking into Vietnam to seek local consultants on sea port field and SPCT is a typical example. The owner of SPCT is the association between IP Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Campany and DP World Group.

Some sea port projects in operation commencement or construction deployment such as SP-PSA International Container terminal, SITV terminal, Cai Mep – Thi Vai International terminal, Cai Mep International terminal, My Xuan International terminal, etc are all the projects for which the owners are in association with foreign partners. In reality, these foreign partners do not hesitate to “knock” the “door”of Portcoast as a consultant for their investment projects.

The work list ordered in trust to Portcoast by foreign partners is rather impressive, namely port works, waterways and marine works spreading from the North to the South. Such works have been surveyed and consulted for design by Portcoast upon the orders made by foreign owners such as Chinfon group, Vedan (China), Dai Hai (China), Hutchison Port Holding Limited HPH (Hong Kong), P&O Ports (England), SSA (U.S), Maerks (Denmark), PSA (Singapore), Kyoei Steel, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan), Hocilm Group (Switzeland), Lafarge Group (France), Baria-Screce Association (Vietnam – France and Norway association), POSCO (Korea), etc. During the implementation of sea port projects upon the scale and the requirements of the owners, Portcoast has been in corporation and association with some foreign consultants, namely Nippon Koei, Japan Port Consultants, OCDI (Japan), Apave Consultants, Sogreath Consultants, Mécasol de Paris, Sol Expert (France), Royal Haskoning , Surbana (Singapore), SNC Lavalin (Canada), Maunsell, Maerknight (Australia), Inros Lackner (German), Berger Abam (U.S), DHI Danish Hydraulic Institute, CECI (China), Posco E&C (Korea), etc. Also, Portcoast has been in coordination with other foreign consultants in the construction drawing design work such as Toa Corp, Penta Ocean (Japan).

“In Van Phong International Transit terminal project (Feasibility Study project), the soil improvement for Cai Mau Gas-Power-Fertilizer project and the detailed design of Dung Quat breakwater, SNC Lavalin, Sol Expert and Apave-Sorgreah Association are the sub-contractors of Portcoast” stated Mr Pham Anh Tuan, the project manager of Portcoast.

Presently, some major and typical works are being deployed to be performed by Portcoast such as technical and construction drawing design for the improvement project of navigational channel to the Bassac river in the association between Portcoast (the leader) – Nippon Koei (Japan) with DHI (Denmark ) as a sub-contractor; the design and planning of Duyen Hai Thermo-Power Center port project with Nippon Koei (Japan) – DHI (Denmark) as two sub-constractors and Formosa Steel Complex port project in association with CECI (China); the detailed design for Gemadept – Terminal link port and My Xuan International terminal, etc.

Following the over-30-year operation in port – waterway survey and design consultancy field and nearly 10-year brand naming, Portcoast has been strongly affirming its top position in Vietnam and fit to be a trustworthy partner of the owners.

In addition to the work seniority, Porcoast owns its skilled engineers and specialists satisfying the requirements at the maximum scale in coordination with specialized foreign consultants.

“Firstly I was actually worried about Portcoast’s separation from Tedi South because the name Tedi South had been alive to almost all investors though the whole consultancy works in port – waterway field were undertaken by Portcoast” said Mr Pham Anh Tuan, the project manager of Portcoast. However, the brand as Porcoast has been shaped after a few years only. At present, most investors have “knocked” the “door” of Portcoast as a trustworthy “address” relevant to port – marine work consultancy work.

Portcoast is is a business company, independently operating based upon the Corporation Business Registered Certificate 4103002981 issued on December 23rd 2004 and revised on June 09th 2005, March 09th 2006 and on December 29th 2007 by the Planning and Investment Department. The corporation charter capital is up to now US$3.2 million (State-owned capital accounts for 0%). In recent years, Portcoast has invested in a lot of modern equipment and applied advanced technologies to the design and natural condition analysis fields as to be in service of sea port and riverine and coastal engineering projects. Regarding the bathymetric survey, RTK-DGPS (Real Time Kinematics) with movement sensors with extremely high accuracy allows to perform the bathymetric surveys with high reliability and small error even under strong current, wave and wind conditions. RTK technology, two-frequency bathymetric equipment (Echo Sounder), multi-beam bathymetric equipment and side scan equipment allow to set up the bathymetric maps based upon profiles and space, as well as submarine three-dimensional scan screen with high accuracy. The advanced stratum survey equipment Sub-bottom Profiler allows to produce rather detailed submarine strata and preliminarily assess soil stratum conditions. These results are of very importance to prepare for the bathymetric drilling – an extremely complicated and cost-consuming work – properly, accurately and economically... With the existing survey equipment, experienced design engineers and appropriate design solutions, Portcoast has, over the past years, gone beyond other big foreign consultancy associations as to be assigned to undertake two master projects namely Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex and Duyen Hai Thermo-Power Plant. In addition to the survey and design works, Portcoast also covers the work consultancy and supervision as well as performs the consultancy for the owners on legal procedures of international port openings and announcements following the accomplishment of work construction upon the State’s regulations.

Doctor Truong Ngoc Tuong - the Chief Egineer - is a well-known and trustworthy reputation to almost all foreign sea port consultants. Up to now, the list of heading works undertaken by the chief engineer is rather impressive: Participating in some studies of mathematical model and hydraulic model of wave, current by wave, coastal occurrence, environmental impact of coastal engineering works in Thailand; Participating in the sedimentological study of Cai Mep Multipurpose port (financed by Belgium), Port Development Study in the South of Vietnam (executed by JICA – Japan) and many other projects; Design Manager for the detailed design of Breakwater – Dung Quat Refinery in Quảng Ngãi province; Vice General Manager for the detailed design of Product Export Berths – Dung Quat Refinery in Quang Ngai province; General Manager for the detailed design of the fishing port, access channel and sand-retaining dyke in Sa Huynh, Quang Ngai; Vice Project Manager and Design Manager for the feasibility study of location selection and preliminary design of offshore facilities belonging to Petro-chemical Refinery Complex in Nghi Sơn, Thanh Haa; General Manager for the feasibility study of the port of Nghi Sơn Power Plant; General Manager for the study of experimental dredging Soai Rạp navigation channel; Team Leader of local experts assigned by TEDI South participating in the feasibility study for improvement to the Bassac River executed by the association of SNC-Lavalin International Inc. – Royal Haskoning, Delft; Manager for the plan of Ports and Inland Waterway Network in the South of Vietnam; General Manager for the detailed design of 20km revetment belonging to the two National Waterway Project; General Manager for the detailed design of the storm-sheltering anchor area for fishery boats in Con Đao, Ba Ria – Vung Tau; General Manager for the topographic and bathymetric survey and hydraulic survey for Cai Mep – Thi Vai International Terminal (funded by Japanese ODA capital); General Manager for the master plan for Mekong Delta Large seaports; General Manager of the Formosa Steel Complex port project in Son Duong, Ha Tinh; General Manager for the marine survey of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex project in Thanh Hoa; General Manager for Duyen Hai Thermo Power Center port project in Tra Vinh, etc.

(Translated by Portcoast)

The trustworthy partner of international sea port consultancy
The trustworthy partner of international sea port consultancy
The trustworthy partner of international sea port consultancy
The trustworthy partner of international sea port consultancy

Source: Shipping Times

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