Application of modern BIM technology in construction management

By, 15/05/2019

Today, the application of BIM in construction is becoming an urgent need for survey and design work. It is a system that is set up with rigorous processes, from building multi-dimensional model information (3D, 4D, 5D)


Logistics develop inappropriately with potential in Mekong Delta

By, 04/03/2019

The Mekong Delta is an export area of ​​agricultural commodities and ...

Cai Mep International Terminal receives nearly 190,000 tons of container ships

By, 12/01/2019

In the afternoon of 11 January, the largest commercial container ship ...

The largest container ship officially operated in Vietnam

By, 12/01/2019

NDĐT - In the afternoon of 11-1, Cai Mep International Port (CMIT) suc...