Special seminar on Marketing by Chairman - CEO Portcoast


Marketing Seminar presented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors - Portcoast General Director before the company's departments. Technicians in the company learned many new and interesting things from this rather special seminar.

Everyone entered the seat so the seminar session began.

Chairman of the Board of Directors - General Director of Portcoast, Mr. Tran Tan Phuc, personally hosted this special Marketing seminar.
The seminar starts with the definition of Marketing.

Mr. Tran Tan Phuc recommends some good books about marketing that he has read to the company's employees.

He continued with some typical statements by Philip Kotler - the "father" of Marketing - in Marketing.

22 immutable laws in Marketing.

Talk about the importance of leading law.

The importance of website in Marketing at the present and future.

Talking about promotion, that the lion is called the King of Beasts because, the lion has advertised.

The seminar ends with "Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master" by Philip Kotler