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The Minister accompanies in surveying the flow of large ships on the Hau River
By GTVT, 30 Aug 2012
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Continuing with the work trip at the provinces of the South West region, in the 2 days of 29, 30/08/2012, the work group of the Ministry of Transport led by Minister Mr. Dinh La Thang had an inspection expedition for route QL54, the project for the flow of large vessels on the Hau River and worked with the People’s Committee of Tra Vinh. Greeting and working with the work group are; Mr. Tran Chi Dung – Provincial Secretary of Tra Vinh, Mr. Tong Minh Vien – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Tra Vinh.

Minister Mr. Dinh La Thang working with the leaders of Tra Vinh at the meeting

As reported by the Department of Transport of Tra Vinh, the province is currently working on 6 projects. In which, the project for credit specialized for Transportation to improve the national road network in basic have enough capital to be carried out; the project for upgrading and expanding QL54 belonging to component A of the project for developing infrastructures for the Mekong Delta using the World Bank loan source is expected to be completed in 09/2012; Project QL60 in which includes the Dai Nga ferry conducted by PMU7 is expected to be completed in 10/2012 but construction progress is slow by far. Project for upgrading QL53 is having funding difficulties. With construction projects for the flow of large vessels on the Hau River has basically completed dredging package 6A by far, ongoing construction of embankment for bank protection. Package 6B has been prepared for selecting a contractor, however has yet to implement the following items due to the lack of funding in 2012.

The Minister is surveying the project progress for the flow of large vessels on the Hau River

On the traffic order and safety situation, in the first 7 months of 2012, there’s been 43 cases of road traffic accidents killing 43 people, injuring 36 people. Comparing with the same period in 2011 it has decreased by 18.8% cases, 25.36% deaths, 23.4% injured.

Speaking at the meeting, the Minister Mr. Dinh La Thang praised Tra Vince province for it’s positive solutions in reducing traffic accidents in all 3 aspects. But compared with the national rate it’s still high. The Minister suggested Tra Vinh provincial leaders to continue putting out stronger measures to further decrease traffic accidents.

On construction projects, specifically, take route QL53 as an example, the Minister agrees with the recommendations of the Central Office of Traffic of Vietnam in looking for investors in the form of BT and completing capital after 2016; project QL60 in which Dai Nga ferry has settled capital, the Minister requires PMB 7 to speed up the progress to complete in 10/2012 as promised. With Co Chien bridge project; the Minister requires PMB 7 to establish a specific and detailed schedule of each item to execute.

Project for the flow of vessels on the Hau River is facing difficulties due to limited funds

For the project for the flow of large vessels on the Hau River, by adding the item for embankment the current total investment cost is above 10.042 million VND, the Minister requested the Maritime department to review and submit to the Ministry of Civil the evaluation of the total investment after adjustment, at the same time report and ask for consult from the Prime Minister; calling for investors to invest in the form of BT and settle capital in 2020, avoid waiting for annual budget allocation from the bank.

With projects carried out by the Ministry in the province, the Ministry will be responsible for the supervision of urging and speeding up the progress. However, the Minister Mr. Dinh La Thang also suggested that Tra Vinh province collaborate with specialized agencies of the Ministry to monitor the progress and quality of the project so that when completed and put into operation it will be brought into play effectively.

Phan Tu
(Translated by Portcoast)


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