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Legal license and commercial use of MIKE 21 full modules, version 2011 for PORTCOAST
Portcoast, Oct. 2011
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Portcoast has successfully obtained legal license and commercial use of Mike 21 full modules version 2011 developed by DHI. This Mike 21 comprises Mike 21 HD, AD, SA, MT, PT, ST, EMS, BW, NSW, SW, ECOLAB, MARINE PP, MIKE ANIMATOR.

Apart from Mike 21 modules version 2011, Portcoast has also purchased legal use of full modules of one dimensional Mike 11 Enterprise (HD, SO, DB, RR, DA) version2007, three-dimensional Mike 3 (PP, HD, MT) version 2009 and LITPACK system (PP, LITSTP, LITDRIFT, LITLINE, LITPROF, LITTREN) version2009  Those software are posted in details in the Science &Technology section on Portcoast website.


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