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PORTCOAST: Leaping the time

The reputation as Portcoast has been thriving since its equitization in 2004 with 83 employees and a charter capital of VND 4.51 billion only. This essay is written to untie the hitch in what way Portcoast has really flashed for 05 years only (2004 – 2009) with a more-than 10-fold increase in charter capital and average income per capita of nearly VND 20 million/month in 2009 as compared to the rate of over VND 3.6 million/month in the previous years.

Mustering human resources

One of the key reasons for the fact Portcoast has leaped the time as to position its reputable brand in sea port consultancy and design field is mustering human resources.

According to Mr. Pham Anh Tuan – the project manager of Portcoast, human resources are always crucial to all enterprises, especially sea port consultant bodies. Portcoast is typically characterized by its to-the-last-working culture as to perfect its consultancy tasks.

As said by Ms. Nguyen Vu Tu Anh, the staff and engineers are all wrapped up in their work with the guideline that customers are the top priority.

Also, as frankly spoken up by Ms. Ngo Thi Thanh Tam – the staff of Quality Control Department, Portcoast’s leaders have been flaming the enthusiasm of all the staff and engineers and exhibited a modern working environment coupled with the constant investment in advanced equipment and technology. Most of all, many refresher and training courses are provided by Portcoast as to heighten professional skills for all the staff and engineers.

Portcoast is, as said by Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, considered to be a common home as chosen to land by the engineers. For evidence, the earnings is based on the competence. Currently, the average income per capita exceeds VND 16.5 million/month in 2009 as compared to the rate of 3.6 million/month at the time of fresh equitization in 2004. Additionally, Portcoast has exhibited an effective way of working in order for its staff and engineers to show off their individual abilities and to produce a friendly working environment. Also, the engineers of Portcoast are allowed to go overseas for their study in Asian Institute of Technology as its policy on human resources. The advanced software purchased by Porcoast as to be in service of the study, consultancy, design and survey works is typically exampled by MIKE (Riverine and Coastal Hydraulic Software). Furthermore, some foreign experts of Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) and local top-ranking professionals in sea port field are invited to Portcoast to direct how to effectively use this software and some relevant supporting softwares. The latest skills and knowledge in service of the guide-line of mustering human resources are provided by PACE University on a regular basis.

As prided by Mr. Tran Tan Phuc, the General Director of Portcoast, the boom of Portcoast has, over the last 05 years, stemmed from not only mustering its richly experienced human resources but gathering and uniting the top-ranking experts of research Institutes and Universities in sea port study, design and consultancy field also. Consequently, Portcoast has significantly leaped its consultancy quality and achieved the customers’ absolute trust.

Normally, the world’s big sea port groups mooring in Vietnam are all coupled with their consultants and most of them are thirsty for cooperating with Portcoast. Fortunately, Portcoast’s young engineers have plentiful opportunities to rub their shoulders and work together with foreign experts such as Japan, Canada, America, South Korea, etc in the same field and the engineers’ language skills are ever-bettered and their experience is also ceaselessly enriched as well, for this reason.

“Small Giants”

Portcoast is relentlessly modeling itself as “Small Giants” as philosophized with “big does not mean great and excellent does not mean big”.

Portcoast’s target is to become an excellent body with a charter capital of more than a-thousand-billion-dong up to 2015 and to leap up to be the leading brand as well as a group (Portcoast group) in Vietnam in traffic work and construction consultancy field till 2020.

Thanks to the mustering of optimal abilities for over the last years, Portcoast has been chosen to be a consultant by project owners local and abroad for many master sea port projects spreading from the North to the South of Vietnam such as Vietnam’s up-to 2020 and 2030-bound sea port system development Planning; the detailed Planning of sea port groups No. 5, 6 and 8; Cai Lan berths No. 2, 3 and 4; Van Phong international transit port; the improvement project of navigational channel to the Bassac river; Sai Gon – SSA international container terminal; the marine survey work of Nghi Son – Thanh Hoa petrochemical and refinery complex project; Long Son petrochemical and refinery project; etc.

As stated by Mr. Hoang Trung Hai, the Deputy Prime Minister on the occasion of his visit to Portcoast, Portcoast has been the top-ranking consultant in Vietnam and needs to be in non-stop attempt as to target keeping pace with international sea port consultancy organizations.

Portcoast Consultant Corporation (Portcoast) was formerly named Portcoast Enterprise and Port and Waterway Department belonging to Transport and Engineering Deisgn Inc. South (TEDI South) with around 10 staff only and a rapid increase up to 44 staff in 2001.


Minh Ngĩa
(Translated by Portcoast)


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