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Portcoast Consultant Corporation (Portcoast)
River dredging, new channel opening

For these days, Portcoast Consultant Corporation (Portcoast) has been “snowed” under 02 major navigational channel opening projects: Opening a tender for Soai Rap channel dredging and preparing for the construction commencement of navigational channel to the Bassac river. These two projects are significantly meaningful to the economic development in the South in particular and in the whole country in general.

Sea-loving, country-loving

Actually, Portcoast is not the only consultant specializing in sea port consultancy field in Vietnam. Yet, Portcoast has bettered itself over many other consultants owing to the marine passion of the whole staff.

The passion is evidenced by the fact that every staff is at any time “hooked” into the work. It is typically exampled by Doctor Truong Ngoc Tuong, Chief Engineer of Portcoast, who is “floating” on Soai Rap river to measure wave, wind and current, etc. The small boats in service of field surveys are zero to them. The data taken from these field surveys are extremely impressive, which has resulted in the fact that Portcoast has helped Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company (IPC) – the owner of Soai Rap navigation channel dredging project – convince Ho Chi Minh city’s leaders to be allowed to implement the project: Soai Rap navigational channel dredging. Presently, the navigational channel dredging via Soai Rap estuary has been at a depth of 7.0m and 9.5m in preparation. The project’s feasibility has also pleased Dubai Would Group – one of the world’s top sea port owners. The Group has invested millions of dollars in the construction of Sai Gon Premier Container Terminal (SPCT) on Soai Rap riverside, which is chosen to be a main navigation channel as to be in service of vessels’ operation. Also, one of the Vietnam’s leading sea port enterprises has selected Hiep Phuoc port to shape Sai Gon – Hiep Phuoc sea port construction project, which has been deployed in mid 2009. As a result, a new chapter has begun in the history of Ho Chi Minh city sea port development – the Vietnam’s top port brand: Soai Rap river is used to be a main channel instead of Long Tau river. Thanks to the fact that Soai Rap channel is wider, deeper and nearer to the sea than Long Tau channel, Soai Rap channel will enable to welcome bigger vessels in Ho Chi Minh city and the ports in inner Ho Chi Minh to be relocated out of the city. As thus, the naturally overloaded traffic system in the city will not have to exhaustingly shoulder vehicles’ operation in the port, which is considered to be a foundation for Hiep Phuoc urban port development upon the strategy towards the East Sea of Ho Chi Minh city.

However, the bravery and passion of Portcoast are manifest at most in the construction project of Quan Chanh Bo canal, which is rather scientifically complicated. The project has received very many different contributions from the scientists during the survey. As a main consultant of the project which is owned by Vietnam Maritime Administration, Portcoast has assigned many professional and responsible engineers to attend at the seminars and pay much attention and even all ears to any suggestion as well as any ideas. Also, Porcoast has taken the initiative in inviting the world’s well-known marine investigators to take part in the opening project of navigational channel via Quan Chanh Bo canal in the purpose of producing the maximum effects to the Mekong Delta in particular and the country in general. As said by Mr. Tran Tan Phuc, General Director of Portcoast, the implementation of Quan Chanh Bo canal construction project takes benefits to the Mekong Delta except for Portcoast.

Repeatedly, the construction project of Quan Chanh Bo canal is significantly meaningful to the development of Mekong Delta. With the Dinh An existing shallow channel where the hydrographic condition is extremely complicated, the Mekong Delta finds it impossible to directly export cargos. The cargos must be transited in Ho Chi Minh city port system, which results in the increase in cost and pressurizes Ho Chi Minh city’s traffic infrastructure system.

Prestigious to partners

The list of sea port projects being undertaken by Portcoast is enviously impressive. Almost all the Vietnam’s major sea port projects are consulted by Portcoast.

Van phong international transit port construction project owned by Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines) has been performed for years. The project is significantly meaningful to the marine economic development in Vietnam. In Van Phong gulf is planned to shape a deep-water international transit port which can accommodate vessels with a capacity of up to 15.000 TEUs. Also, Portcoast has pleased the owners in the study of Nghi Son – Thanh Hoa Petrochemical Refinery Complex or cargo Terminal and breakwater of Dung Quat – Quang Ngai Refinery Plant Projects. In the early 2009, on the occasion of the vice Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai’s visit to Port coast, the local and foreign representatives of project owners expressed their confidence in Portcoast. “Portcoast has made great advances for a short time only following its equitization. Not only are the State’s master projects but also Portcoast’s owners are the world’s top groups” says Nguyen Ngoc Hue – Vice Chief Officer of Vietnam Maritime Administration. Also, Mr. Michael Formoso, General Director of SP-PSA International Terminal, a joint-venture between Sai Gon port and PSA Group (Singapore) says that Port coast provides the consultancy services meeting the high standard during the implementation of SP-PSA terminal project. It is believed that the close coordination will help the project be completed upon the schedule.

Portcoast measuring the current of Quan Chanh Bo canal

In addition to the enterprises, Portcoast has some special partners, which is notably evidenced by the State’s management office. As with the hard-working spirit as well as the consultancy qualification and experience, Portcoast has been assigned by the Prime Minister and Minister of Transport to study the detailed planning of sea port groups No 5, 6 and 8; the relocation planning of sea port on Sai Gon river and many local sea port system development planning projects. Recently, the Prime Minister and Minster of Transport has appointed Portcoast to undertake the studying of the Vietnam’s up-to 2020 and 2030-bound sea port system development planning.

Definitely, Portcoast is completely entitled to be proud of its gigantic achievements in sea port planning projects. The detailed planning project of sea port group No 5 has sharply marked the sea port development in Vietnam in general and the Southern focal economic Zone in particular. In the Southern focal economic Zone, the sea port system has been more scientifically and effectively ordered. The whole deep-water port system has been re-disposed on Cai Mep – Thi Vai river of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. Cai Mep – Thi Vai river wins 14m in natural depth, which can allow to accommodate vessels of up-to 80.000 tons. The remaining sea port system in Ho Chi Minh city will give support to the development of Cai Mep sea port system.

The Vietnam’s up-to 2020 and 2030-bound sea port system development planning project (signed by the Minister of Transport and submitted to the Prime Minister for approval) following the sea port development planning by 2010 owns many new break-through ideas for Vietnam’s sea port system development. In the Vietnam’s up-to 2020 sea port development phase, both berth and channel systems are to be strongly socialized as to muster their strengths from the economic constituents. Also, the Vietnam’s sea ports are to be designed in deep-water areas and near the sea as to be able to take advantage of channels’ depth, to accommodate large vessels and fit the world’s modern maritime operation.

In more than 01 week, the 5th establishment ceremony will be held in Portcoast and obviously that Portcoast is completely entitled to be proud of its gigantic achievements.

(Translated by Portcoast)


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