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Ho Chi Minh city:  Affirming the success of Soai Rap channel
By TN&MT, 22 Oct 2009

TP. Hồ Chí Minh: Khẳng định thành công của luồng tàu biển Soài Rạp

(TN&MT) - The event of Sai Gon Premier Container Terminal (SPCT)– Hiep Phuoc industrial Zone welcoming the first vessel named ASTA RICKMERS from the world-famous shipping Agent CMA-CGM to dock on Oct 16th 2009 has marked a significantly auspicious start to the new Sea Port System of Ho Chi Minh city.

Similar to Long Tau, Soai Rap is a seaward river of Ho Chi Minh city. Despite being wider than Long Tau, Soai Rap has still not been seen to be a main navigational channel for the sea port system on Sai Gon river for more than 100 years due to the fact that there are some shelves of about 5.1m-6.6m on Soai Rap river. However, the increasing demand of cargo transport has led to the overload for the sea port system on Sai Gon river and Long tau channel. Correspondingly, the Government has assigned the Ministry of Transport to design the relocation planning of sea port system on Sai Gon river and development planning of a new sea port system for Ho Chi Minh city, Ba Ria – Vung Tau and Dong Nai provinces. Upon the new planning, a part of Sai Gon Port is to be relocated to Hiep Phuoc, Nha Be district, where a deep-water sea port complex for Ho Chi Minh City will be shaped. The branch of Soai Rap river running through Hiep Phuoc industrial Zone will be chosen to be a main channel for the sea port System in Hiep Phuoc.

This choice is sound in term of not only geography and environment but also the likelihood that Soai Rap river will qualify to become a main channel for Ho Chi Minh city if reasonably dredged in some shelves as studied from Portcoast Consultant Corporation (Portcoast). According to Portcoast’s design, Soai Rap channel is possibly dredged to -12m in depth.

Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company is the owner of Soai rap channel dredging project – 2nd phase, which has been deployed since April 2009 and is in preparation of international bidding to pick out the best contractor. Soai Rap channel dredging is phased in accordance with the progress of investment and development of the urban Area – Hiep Phuoc Port. Subsequent to the dredging to the depth of -9,5m , the channel will be able to welcome vessels of full-load 30.000 DWT and partial-load 50.000 DWT at the tidal time.


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