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By Department of Ports and Maritime Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, HCM City University of Technology, 09 Apr 2009

PORTCOAST is a leading consulting firm in Vietnam. In its assisting activities to Facility of Civil Engineering in general and to Port and  Coastal Engineering Division in particular, Portcoast had a good intention of offering some scholarships to the poor students of Port and  Coastal Engineering Division with details as follows:

Number of scholarships:   10.
Scholarship value:  1,000,000 VND/scholarship.
Candidates: the poor students of Port and Coastal Engineering Division who have actively participating in activities of Youth Union and Associations, and welfare works.

After considering documents, it is agreed by department head board and senior masters of Port and  Coastal Engineering Division to the list of students as follows:

1.- Ngo Quoc Anh   - Course XD05CB  - Student Code: 80500046
2.- Vo Quang Lieu   - Course XD05CB  - Student Code: 80501454
3.- Vo Van Tho   - Course XD05CB  - Student Code: 80502793
4.- Nguyen Dang Thien  - Course XD05CB  - Student Code: 80502729
5.- Hai Loc     - Course XD06CB  - Student Code: 80603134
6.- Nguyen Thanh Linh  - Course XD06CB  - Student Code: 80601258
7.- Nguyen Chi Tap - Course XD06CB  - Student Code: 80602162
8.- Nguyen Dang Khoa - Course XD06CB  - Student Code: 80601122
9.- Bich Lam Boanh   - Course XD06CB  - Student Code: 80600166
10.- Nguyen Van Chung  - Course XD06CB  - Student Code: 80600215

Time: Ceremony of granting Scholarships shall be held at 16pm, Wednesday 15 April 2009 (After the professional report seminar of the Division)
Location: Meeting room, Facility of Civil Engineering.

Above listed students must attend to receive the scholarships (dressing in polite manner)

Port and Coastal Engineering Division respectfully inform.











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