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Spring has come again! In the bustling atmosphere to welcome the new year, on 06/02/2013, at headquarters 328 Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Portcoast held a review ceremony and end of year festival of 2012. The ceremony is an opportunity to focus all the staff and management of the company, member companies and members working at the fields.

The ceremony was held short and concise to spend most of the time behind the attraction of the festival activities. Opening the program, Permanent Deputy General Manager Mr. Pham Anh Tuan summarized the production and business activities of the company for the past year with the achievements as well as problems, challenges and future directions. Through the Deputy General Manager’s statement, employees have a more comprehensive view of the Company’s activities during the past year and the direction of action in the coming year.

2012 was a difficult year for the economy in general with tens of thousands of Businesses bankrupted, dissolved, along with many others with delayed salaries, bonus cut. In such circumstances, and despite certain inevitable effects, Portcoast had an exciting year with many major projects and agreements have been signed to prepare for deployment in 2013 and especially maintaining the salaries and bonuses of no worse than the previous year. In the circumstances of domestic economic difficulties, deployment of consultancy work abroad was a new approach in 2012. Those are the proud results encouraging and reinforcing the confidence of the company’s employees along with the sustainable development of Portcoast.

Next, in turn, the leaders of the member organizations reported on the activities of their units. The program also noted the sincere sharing of representatives from a number of the Company’s member organizations on life at the construction site, the workload after the arrangement of personnel, improving the organization structure in the new circumstances…

The spotlight of the program was the statement of the Chairman of the Board, General Director Mr. Tran Tan Phuc. The General Director stressed and reminded each employee to improve learning, expand profession and personal development to meet the needs of the job, Portcoast is still optimistic in the circumstances of economic fluctuations.

Following the ceremony was the annual festival program with lunch and many attractive items such as: lucky draw, karaoke to celebrate the year of the snake…, the Deputy General Director Mr. Pham Anh Tuan opened the program with drawing for the series of prizes for 7th place. With each name drawn, the hall becomes more heated. Lucky draw is an annual tradition and for the anniversaries of Portcoast with the value of each prize up to tens of millions. In between the draws was the karaoke competition. A special feature for this year was the inclusion of the Company’s executive board as judges, increasing the competitiveness, especially for a company with a tradition of leaders and staffs singing well, therefore there wasn’t a lack of good singers. These include the heroic voice of Mr. Hoang Hiep with the song “Dat nuoc tron niem vui” making the hall simultaneously clapping in rhythm, the sweet voice of Ms. Ngoc Dung with the song “Giac mo tinh yeu”, then fretting from then song “Thuong qua Vietnam” through the familiar voice of Ms. Tuong Vy. The singing competition has helped discover the golden voices of Portcoast that we wouldn’t be able to during daily work.

The festival started from 12pm to 18pm without reduction of heat. The items of singing, the cheering of the audience plus the thrills of waiting for the lucky draws created an exciting atmosphere helping everyone to become closer to one another and to relax after a busy year’s work. Such activities enriches the spiritual life of everyone in the Company – the staffs of Portcoast, the working people; and also an opportunity to nurture feelings for the common roof.

In the moment of shifting to the New Year, in each person must have been full of determination to strive for a new year with many hardships and changes. And, Portcoast is ready for new challenges.

Here are some pictures of the review ceremony and the end of year festival:

2012 review ceremony

The General Director of Portcoast speaking at the ceremony

End of year festival: Work to the best – Have fun to the heart

Karaoke competition: Cheering enthusiastically


The climax

The joy of winning the Karaoke competition

Radiantly accepting the Laptop – the second prize for the lucky draw

The 02 first prize of the lucky draw – 02 Ipad mini 64GB, Wifi, 4G belonged to the most 2 lucky person from the Northern Branch and Portcoast Geo.


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