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Portcoast executive board visited engineers and employees in works site belongings to the project of Formosa steel complex in Ha Tinh on the occasion of beginning of New Year 2012

On the very first days of New Year 2012, Portcoast executive board visited to contact and encourage engineers and employees carrying out geological investigation and settlement monitoring at Formosa steel complex in Ha tinh. This is a major project with huge invested capital from Formosa Plastic Group, Taiwan for Vung Ang Economy Region. This project is being deployed quickly with the huge amount of daily aggrandizement along with the start for infrastructure items including Son Duong port and breakwater which are researched, planned project and coordinately detailed designed with partner CECI Taiwan. After this visit, the whole engineer and employees working at the works site feel appreciated, encourged and remarked the friendly care from executive board. They will not be fearful of bad weather and try their best to complete their entrusted task.


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