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BIG BIM from Little Bim & Laser Scanning & Bim & VR & AR

BIMLab - HoChiminh City University of Technology & Portcoast BimLab

Study on Unsaturated Soils

ME. Tran Quang Ho

Application of new technology in surveying maritime and inland waterway works

ME. Truong Hung Phuong

Technological solutions applied in research and implementation of super-large tonnage ships (container ships 18,000 TEU) into Cai Mep port.

Eng. Pham Anh Tuan & Portcoast

A simple way of assessing the horizontal load bearing capacity of a single pile is the hardening of the joint in the elastic base

Dr. Phan Dung

Research and assessment of slurry layer to take advantage of determining the depth for running ships

Portcoast, Sep 2018

Improvements in the rubble mound breakwater and Artifical Block compared to current seadike design standards TCVN 9901 : 2014 and Rock Manual 2007.

Dr. Nguyen Dang Trinh

Dicussion on seadike design in accordance with TCVN 9901 : 2014 and traditional calculations according to older standards.

Dr. Tran Thu Tam

Underground Erosion in Marine Works

Dr. Nguyen Duc Manh

Application of simulation model in prediction of ship accident risk

Dr. Nguyen Minh Quy and ME. Tran Doan Huyen

The problems in the pile wall structural design

Dr. Bui Viet Dong and Dr. Nguyen Duc Manh

Application study of numerical simulation method on waterway design and operation

Dr. Nguyen Minh Quy

Determine the load capacity and test the quality of bored piles based on reliability

Dr. Bach Duong

Liquid ground due to wave action

Dr. Nguyen Duc Manh

Calculation method of open deck on pile structure using “allowable damage/collapse” limit state

Dr. Nguyen Minh Quy

Back-analysis of geotechnical parameters on PVD-improved ground in the Mekong Delta
Hoang Hiep (Portcoast Consultant Corporation) and Prof. S. Chung (Dong A University)

Applying new technology in survey work of maritime and inland waterway project - Portcoast
Science and Technology Conference VAPO 2017 - Portcoast

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone/Flycam) technology in survey work of Portcoast
ME. Truong Hung Phuong and BA. Vu Thanh Minh

Effect of Vacuum Pressure Distribution on Settlement Analysis Results for An Improved Thick Soft Clay Deposit at Sai Gon-Hiep Phuoc Terminal Port,South of Vietnam

Hoang Hiep (Portcoast Consultant Corporation) and Dr. Pham Huy Giao

Primary and secondary consolidation of the soft soil in Sai Gon applied in Gibson-Lo's or Taylor-Merchant's model

ME. Tran Quang Ho,  Eng. Duong Toan Thinh

Applying sensing video technology automaticcaly and supplying GIS data to Intelligent Transport System (ITS)- Case study in Ho Chi Minh city.
ME. Truong Hung Phuong (Science and Technology Conference of Vietnam Institute of Geodesy and Cartography in 2012)

Geocomposite induced consolidation of clayey soils under stepwise loads - Geotextiles and Geomembranes
PhD. Nguyen Duy Quang and Jin Chun Chai

Permeability of lime - and cement - treated clayey soils
PhD. Nguyen Duy Quang and Jin Chun Chai

Case study: Geotechnical hazard for river revetment on Mekong Delta soft soil (at Technical Seminar of AIT)
PhD. Nguyen Duy Quang

Anisotropically consolidated undrained triaxial compression (CKoUC) and extension (CKoUE) for soft soil at Nghi Son, Thanh Hoa
Master Tran Quang Ho, Eng. Duong Toan Thinh

Improvement of Soft Clay at a Site in the Mekong Delta by Vacuum Preloading
Quang D. N. and Giao H. P.

Analysis of consolidation coefficient Cv and Ch of soft soil in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone from laboratory and field experiments
Master Tran Quang Ho, Master Nguyen Duy Quang

AliCC method applied for SP-PSA Terminal along Thi Vai river, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

Master Tran Quang Ho and Portcoast

Finite Element Analysis for Geogrid Reinforced Embankment

Master Tran Quang Ho (Faculty of Civil Engineering, The Polytechnic University of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam) and D.T. Bergado (School of Civil Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand)

The effectiveness of vacuum preloading method for soil improvement in Phu My Industrial Zone - Ba Ria Vung Tau Provice

Master Tran Quang Ho and Portcoast

Undrained shear strength in Shansep rule of soft clay in the North and the South
Master Tran Quang Ho, Eng. Duong Toan Thinh

Logistics development project in Ba Ria – Vung Tau for the period of 2011-2020
Portcoast, Nov 2012

Some Problems  Be Drawen From The International Workshop On Climate Changes Organized In Hochiminh City About Ports Construction And Seashores And Riverbanks Protection In Vietnam By The Experiences Of Netherlands
Dr. Tran Minh Quang

Report on detailed plan of Seaport Group No.5 (Southeastern seaport group)
Portcoast, Sep 2010

Report on detailed plan of Seaport Group No.6 until 2020, orientation till 2030
Portcoast, Sep 2010

Summary of master plan for Vietnam seaport system development till 2020, orientation to 2030

Development planning for Son Duong - Vung Ang port and port project for Formosa Integrated Steel Mill - Ha Tinh

Some problems in applying of prestressed reinforced concrete pipe pile in vietnam
Master Lam Van Phong and Master Tran Khanh Hung

Suggestions on measures to face the  city-flood
Dr. Tran Minh Quang

A wave model in the presence of coastal structure and the surf zone
Dr. Truong Ngoc Tuong

The scientific – technological creativities in the channel control work via Truong Giang Estuary, China
Dr. Luong Phuong Hau

The use of water-resistant trees for the protection of riversides and channels from the impacts of wave and current
Dr. Luong Phuong Hau

An analysis of pilied foundation with single superstructure supported by three piles
Dr. Phan Dung

Application of structural reliability method on designing breakwater
Dr. Tran Minh Quang

An application of stiffness matrix method to calculating the waterfront structures supported by long pilied foundation
Dr. Phan Dung

Deflections -forces in laterally loaded pile to TCXD 205:1998, the relationship of solution of Urban and Matlock-Reese and its applications
Dr. Phan Dung

Five momenls method - Approximate five momenls method and  their application on the calculation of beam on elactic supports
Dr. Phan Dung

Application of pre-stressed reinforced concrete structure on pile wharf
Master Lam Van Phong, Master Doan Dinh Tuyet Trang

Application of life circle management on port design and operation
Master Doan Dinh Tuyet Trang

Institute of Construction for Offshore Engineering (ICOFFSHORE) in 20 years of Education & Research in science and technology
Dr. Dinh Quang Cuong

Brief Report of master plan for large seaports in The Mekong Delta

Brief report of detail plan for Van Phong International Transit Terminal – Khanh Hoa Province

Accuracy and Efficiency of Hydrological surveys to be improved with RTK Technology

Detail plan of Southern inland waterway port system oriented until 2010

Report of implementing progress of detail plan for Seaport Group No.5, including relocating plan of ports on Sài Gòn river and Ba Son Shipyard


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