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Memocone III in Vietnam.

PORTCOAST CONSULTANT, Ho Chi Min City, are now using the Envi Memocone III CPTU system together with the Envi 200 kN pusher. Whith this lightweight unit they are able to penetrate deep and obtain CPTU results in the highest class of accuracy.

The Memocone III includes the convenience of having both real- time readings at the surface and memory data back-up memory in the cone.


CPTU results
 CPTU 35 meters. The above plot shows cone memory data to the left and the acoustical real time data, as seen on the display of the datalogger during the penetration, to the right. In addition, a soil profile interpretation ( Eslami-Fellenius 97) is presented at the extreme right. EF97 uses effective cone resistance ( qt - u2) against friction, and gives a better interpretation in this type of soil than for ex. Robertson 86. The cone memory data is the correct one at all times and should be used for interpretation. The acoustic data is sometimes subject to disturbance in the sound wave transmission, ( mostly when changing rods) and should only be used for checking the penetration and also for checking decaying pore pressure when doing dissipation tests. It is of course also very useful to be able to check the inclination in real time.

The diagrams are from left to right: 1) u/memory, 2) qc/memory, 3) fs/memory, 4)inclination/memory, 5) u/acoustic, 6) qc/acoustic, 7) fs/acoustic, 8) fr calculated and 9) Soil profile showing 1 = sensitive and collapsible silt down to 25 m and 2 = clay and/or silt down to 35 m.

Note: The plot is made using the new freeware " Opensounding ". For more information, please go to NEWS.


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